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I was given the arms to create

My training started as a child, drawing after drawing, I loved everything around me, its meaning and color, reading was another imaginary world to draw, looking for which way I felt with more passion, create my first children's story "El Patito Pedro", At that time I helped in the family company of stuffed animals, I imagined the duckling in a plush toy next to my story was a beautiful desire, I saw how the world expanded more. The love of design began.


New missions

Cover new roads, my world would not only be seen in a story but in a corporate growth, and I saw that each company had its world, design the corporate identity of the family company My Little Doll, his world I began to love with enthusiasm, had a selection of rag dolls and with them create a beautiful story with animation objective, at this moment the animation began to give great meaning in my life. The project started, but due to the same situation in the country, I was forced to pause it.


I knew the power to animate

What a great power to see my creations alive! I started university to study Visual Arts, graphic design was still in my hands, but I wanted to enter another path and later join them with forces. I started with knowing the world of 3D, animating was a marvel and modeling more, my final project was a short called "Nothing is as it seems" I worked as a team with two other people.


The adventures were just beginning

I was more practicing 3D so I covered myself in the texture and render, together I started with the Zbrush and Subtance Painter programs. At that time I worked for the company Strapdoor Inc, my experience grew encompassing works for VR and 3D for web.


Own projects and shared worlds

Creations of worlds! Here I began to teach more my work, and this time the creation of worlds would be built by two people, called Triad CV, this small world is growing, taking freelance jobs to continue growing, until one day form it in a big way. Already my class adventures culminate and this is where I will make my great masterpiece that will include all the passion of my life, create a video game as a thesis.



The world where everything makes sense, the Videogames! Continuing with freelance work, I do my time to polish myself in the videogame area, I follow in a big way with conceptual art, 3D and animation. Polishing every day more to improve my work, fight with every monster that comes along the way, see how each project in the future becomes a reality and inspire each person to move forward.


Do you want to get in touch for a job, or tell me your comments? Send me an email, I will be happy to know your concerns or opinions :)


Tel: +584164724132

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Hello! A pleasure dear reader, my name is Virginia Pietroniro you can tell me Lady Vi. I see that you have entered my little world in growth, I love what I do because everything around me has design and a hidden story to tell. I specialize in conceptual art and create universes, I write stories that inspire as well as my illustrations.
In my adventures of creation, I like to be the alchemist, the storyteller and the one who fights with the big monster until reaching the biggest booty, but there is no doubt that the path is the most exciting. I love challenges, and if I share that challenge with more people better, I love teamwork, because that's where a good civilization lies.

lady vi

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